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Wholesale Silver Hinged Bananas, Cascading Silver Hinged Bananas, Rhodium Plated Silver Bananas.


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    Wholesale body jewelry, wholesale body piercing, wholesale fashion jewelry.

    Wholesale Jewelry!Thousends of varied styles of jewelry, pewter pendants ,body jewelry and fashion jewelry to choose from. We are a wholesaler and manufacturer in Phuket Thailand we supply pewter pendant, bracelet, necklace, silver ear ring, 925 Sterling Silver, body piercing, mobile accessories, seashell, ring, toe ring, finger ring, wallet chain, biker jewelry, cultured pearl, freshwater pearl, jade, glass, coconut, Pyrex pendant, sterling, armor ring, pearl, pearl necklace, pearl bracelet, pearl earring, beads, anklet, gem, gemstone, stone rings, stone necklace, stone bracelet, stone necklace, silver plated, gold plated jewelry, craft jewelry, handmade jewelry, custom made jewelry, pewter cuffs, displays, Chinese horoscope, western horoscope, diamond, zodiac, Christian symbols, tribal, skull, Maori, Celtic, rune astrology, star sign, bind runes stones, native jewelry, surf , water, shark, dolphin pendants, pentagram, trinity, sword pendant, axe pendant, royal pendant, leather bracelets, leather bags, leather belts, leather necklace, silicon jewelry, UV silicon jewelry, leather key holder, silicon key ring, poker chip key ring, UV silicon pewter pendant, silicon ring, silicon toe ring, silicon chocker, stainless steel, stainless pendant, stainless ring, stainless bracelet, stainless necklace, key rings, chokers, balls, logo, belt buckle, buckles, pins, badges, coconut bags, coconut necklace, coconut pendant, coconut bracelet, coconut belt, coconut anklet, elastic coconut choker necklace. Mother of pearl, mother of pearl ear ring, shell earring, silver ring, silver pendant, Silver bracelet, silver wallet chain, silver studs, silver toe ring, silver nipple clips, Silver biker jewelry. Wholesale body jewelry, wholesale body piercing, wholesale fashion jewelry. Silver bananas, silver jeweled bananas, silver body jewelry, Silver nipple shields, silver hinged bananas, belly chains, surgical steel, ball closure rings, basic steel, flower bananas, steel casting, internally threaded jewelry, nose studs, nose bones, silver nose studs, silver nose rings, picture jewelry, black steel, anodized surgical steel, titanium, high polish titanium, titanium pins, anodized titanium, nickel free steel, poly tetra fluoro ethylene, bioplast, bioplast stud labrets, bioplast nose studs, 92.5 silver, 24K gold plated jewelry, 14K gold, gold ball closure rings, gold micro bananas, gold bananas, 18K gold, gold nose bones, gold nose studs, rhodium plated body jewelry, rhodium plated body piercing, pewter body jewelry, pewter fashion bananas, glass beads, amber, amber balls, amber plugs, amber barbells, amber bananas, amber circular barbells, amber spirals, amber roun plugs, amber expanders, organics, organic plain plugs, organic inlaid plugs, organic fake mushroom plugs, organic flesh tunnels, organic carved plugs, organic silver horn plugs, organic ball closure rings, organic tribal claws, organic teeth, organic barrel organic ball, organic tusks, organic dragon claws, organic bird claws, organic snake twisters, organic snake claws, organic skull claws, organic vampire claws, organic star opal inlaid claws, organic fish hooks, organic carved tribal claws, organic spiral, organic inlaid tribal hook, organic twisters, organic cresents, organic cones, organic spikes, tribal coco earrings, bone earrings, horn earrings, fake piercing, hard wood fake piercing, UV jewelry, tongue accessories, UV body jewelry, ringbells, UV Balls, jeweled UV balls, UV Capsule, UV spiky balls, UV spikes, UV Footballs, UV Fashion bananas, UV bananas, glow in the dark, UV layer balls, UV hinged bananas, Silicon fashion bananas, silicon bananas, flexible micro bananas, flexible bananas, UV flexible bananas, flexible circular barbells, UV labrets, painted tribal Earrings, hand painted balls, tools, Specials, free display.

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    Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand
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